29 Apr 2019

Conversational Marketing

Looking for more qualified leads, better customer engagement, increase your ROI?

Check out FB messenging for businesses.

Most businesses are still forcing customers to jump through endless hoops before a conversation can ever take place: (inbound marketing)

Customers don’t have time for this anymore, and the numbers show it:

  • Only 43% of people answer cold calls (outbound marketing)
  • The average email open rate has fallen to 20%
  • The average landing page conversion rate is only 2.35%

The B2B buying process has become cold, impersonal, and way more painful for the buyer than it needs to be. The fix? We need to make business actually feel personal again. Conversational marketing provides a ‘virtual assistant” that automates a way to finally have real-time, scalable conversations that close leads faster.

What you get with our Lead Generation Chatbot

Lead Generation Chatbot – Preconfigured set of questions to easily capture lead related information automatically, without them filling out form, with the purpose of engaging them and helping you pre-qualify that lead. 

We can modify or extend this questionnaire as needed.

“Chat Now” option on your website– We will provide you a piece of code which you can add to your website and this will enable chat option. When someone clicks on Chat then Chatbot will kick in and will ask set of questions to your customers. It will be available 24/7 on your site so you don’t miss any lead and will convert organic traffic on your site to customers.

Available on messenger – Chatbot will be available on Facebook messenger

Messenger code – We will provide you a messenger code, so when someone scans this code via their phone using facebook messenger they will start interacting with Chatbot. This a good mechanism to convert your offline customers to online. For example you can send this code via marketing material or mail.

Link for Chatbot – We will provide a link which you can use on your website as call to action or send it to your audience via email or message. When someone click on this link a chat window will open and Chatbot will initiate conversation.

Where Can I see communication

Facebook business page–  You will be able to see all chat communication under “Inbox” in your facebook page.

Email Notification – When someone initiates chat with Chatbot we will send you an email notification. Once they provide the required details we will send one more email with all the information entered by customer. Other Integration: We can populate data in “Excel document” or connect with CRM or any system with open API.




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